What different types of herb grinders can I buy?

While the basic mechanics of the grinder have remained the same throughout the years, since being adopted by cannabis consumers, additions have been made to the design to increase efficiency. Today, grinders come in many shapes and sizes.

At their core, they use two fittable components that each have small sharp teeth to chop up your bud as your twist the two components in opposite directions with your hands. You can find a grinder with your favorite sports team's logo or with decorations to fit your personal taste. Grinders you'll find today are normally made of three materials:

While metal grinders may be slightly more expensive than grinders made from other materials, they're a top choice for many cannabis users thanks to their durability and efficiency. The teeth tend to stay sharper, making it easier to break down flower. Metal grinders are also easy to clean.

Wooden grinders are often the most artistic in design, but they're much harder to clean and less efficient because resin and residue tend to build up in wooden grinders, making them less effective over time.

Plastic is by far the most affordable grinder material, but also the least reliable. The teeth of a plastic grinder can dull rather quickly — or break off entirely — making it much more challenging to break down flower.

Grinder Sizes
In addition to various materials, grinders also come in different sizes, from a two-piece grinder great for a casual user all the way to a five-piece grinder for a seasoned smoker.

The different standard grinder sizes include:

5-piece grinder
Five-piece grinders include:

A lid (the top of the grinder)
Grinding chamber
Storage chamber
Two kief catchers

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